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 I try to log my observing and related activities in a daily blog - sometimes there will be a delay but I usually catch up. An index of all my blogs is on the main menu at the top of the page with daily, weekly or monthly views. The most recent blogs are shown (without images) in the box in the right hand column - click on the red title to see the full blogs or go to  "astronomy blog" in the main menu above to see the most recent full blog.  I also produce a free weekly online astronomy newsletter which is here or can be accessed from the menu above. You can sign up to receive email notification when the newsletter is published on the right. My Twitter feed is below. I am also interested in photograping wildlife when I can and there is a menu option above to look at some of my images. 

The Celestron 14 is mounted on a Paramount ME that I have been using for about 10 years now - you can see that it is mounted on a tripod so is a portable set up. I still manage to transport it on my own and set it all up even though approaching 70! It will run for hours centering galaxies in the 12 minute field even though tripod mounted.

In the image on the left you may notice the security straps that I use because of occasional high winds. 

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