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 I try to log my observing and related activities in a regular blog - sometimes there will be a delay but I usually catch up. An index of all my blogs is on the main menu at the top of the page with daily, weekly or monthly views. My Twitter feed is below. I am also interested in photograping wildlife when I can and there is a menu option above to look at some of my images. I try to keep the news feeds from relevant astronomical sources up to date and you will need to scroll down to find these.

The Celestron 14 is mounted on a Paramount ME that I have been using for about 10 years now - you can see that it is mounted on a tripod so is a portable set up. I still manage to transport it on my own and set it all up even though I have just turned 70! It will run for hours centering galaxies in the 12 minute field even when tripod mounted.


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Day 23 Resetting COM ports in Windows to eliminate Telescope and Camera USB connection problems

Yet another fine start to the day. I switched on the telescope to continue my image capture refinement but could not connect Nexremote to the CGEM. I got "internal error". Of course the next thing I did was to search the web for "Nexremote Internal Error" and there was a host of discussions on it from people with the same problem. I could not find an answer there as these discussions tend to diverge in all directions before giving an answer! I knew it has something to do with port settings - always had been a problem in the past with other telescopes - so instead I searched for "re-setting ports" and came across this video on You Tube at the top of the list.(Windows 7 on my PC controlling the telescope by coincidence)

Here is the video - I followed it precisely and rebooted my machine - Nexremote worked immediately. All the clutter of "Ports in Use" gone!

In the evening clouds moved in and blotted out the sky. I had abandoned hope of observing but later in the evening it did get partially clear with the crescent Moon over the arch. I decided to give observing a miss as I had been out at the telescope last night until 3.30 a.m.