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 I try to log my observing and related activities in a regular blog - sometimes there will be a delay but I usually catch up. An index of all my blogs is on the main menu at the top of the page with daily, weekly or monthly views. My Twitter feed is below. I am also interested in photograping wildlife when I can and there is a menu option above to look at some of my images. I try to keep the news feeds from relevant astronomical sources up to date and you will need to scroll down to find these.

The Celestron 14 is mounted on a Paramount ME that I have been using for about 10 years now - you can see that it is mounted on a tripod so is a portable set up. I still manage to transport it on my own and set it all up even though I have just turned 70! It will run for hours centering galaxies in the 12 minute field even when tripod mounted.


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M44 imaged from New Mexico

I used Telescope T3 in New Mexico to image the cluster Messier 44. 

This is the data for the image


Object Name: M 44
Object Type: Open Cluster
Altitude: +73° 59' 38" 
Constellation: Cancer
Name 2: M 44
Major Axis: 90.0
Minor Axis: 0.0
RA (Topocentric): 08h 40m 51s 
Dec (Topocentric): +19° 36' 53" 
RA (2000.0): 08h 39m 57s 
Dec (2000.0): +19° 40' 21" 
Azimuth: 217° 08' 50" 
Magnitude: 3.10
Rise Time: 16:21
Transit Time: 23:16
Set Time: 06:15
Hour Angle: 00h 40m 44s 
Air Mass: 1.04
Catalog Identifier: NGC2632
Source Catalog: Core SDBs: Messier Labels
Date: 11/02/2015
Time: 00:00:43 STD
Constellation (Abbrev.): Cnc
Screen X: 508.55
Screen Y: 315.48
Sidereal Time: 09:22
Julian Date: 2457064.79216435

This is the data for the telescope/imager -  Courtesy of

Instrument Package

iTelescope T3 FoV - M42 (white frame)
CCD:  SBIG ST-8300C One Shot Color CCD
Full Well: ~25,500e- ABG
Dark Current:   ~0.02e- / pixel / sec at -15°
A/D Gain:  0.37e-/ADU
Pixel Size:  5.4um Square
Resolution:   1.02 arc-secs/pixel
Sensor:  Frontlit 
Cooling:  -20C Winter (-10C Summer)
Array:  3326 x 2504 (8.3 Megapixels) 
FOV:  42.4 x 56.3  arc-mins
Filters:  NA
Position Angle: 000º

Telescope Optics

OTA: Takahashi TOA-150
Optical Design: Apochromatic Refractor 
Aperture: 150mm
Focal Length: 1095mm
F/Ratio: f7.3
Guiding: Internal 
Mount: Paramount GTS 

The chart below shows its position in Cancer Courtesy of Software Bisque.