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 I try to log my observing and related activities in a regular blog - sometimes there will be a delay but I usually catch up. An index of all my blogs is on the main menu at the top of the page with daily, weekly or monthly views. My Twitter feed is below. I am also interested in photograping wildlife when I can and there is a menu option above to look at some of my images. I try to keep the news feeds from relevant astronomical sources up to date and you will need to scroll down to find these.

The Celestron 14 is mounted on a Paramount ME that I have been using for about 10 years now - you can see that it is mounted on a tripod so is a portable set up. I still manage to transport it on my own and set it all up even though I have just turned 70! It will run for hours centering galaxies in the 12 minute field even when tripod mounted.


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Day 94 Tuesday 24th June 2014

An extremely windy day. The only telescope not strapped down - the TAL1 was blown over. Thanks to solid Russian engineering (I used to own a Lada Estate - built like a tank - it was bought by a Russian and reshipped to his home country! ) - it was undamaged except for a slight split in the plastic end cap and a tear in the scopecoat. It can stay indoors for the moment - it is easy to set up when I need it. As it grew dark the wind dropped and skies cleared. Saturn and Mars were bright and Scorpius was a blazing constellation. Cassiopeia was observed low in the North East - looking very large in sort of "Moon horizon enlargement" effect.

Someone asked me how many Supernovae had been found to date this year and I was caught out. I had to look it up.


So the answer is 74.

I am waiting for an available clear night to be able to start my search this year once I have finalised the setting up process.