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 I try to log my observing and related activities in a regular blog - sometimes there will be a delay but I usually catch up. An index of all my blogs is on the main menu at the top of the page with daily, weekly or monthly views. My Twitter feed is below. I am also interested in photograping wildlife when I can and there is a menu option above to look at some of my images. I try to keep the news feeds from relevant astronomical sources up to date and you will need to scroll down to find these.

The Celestron 14 is mounted on a Paramount ME that I have been using for about 10 years now - you can see that it is mounted on a tripod so is a portable set up. I still manage to transport it on my own and set it all up even though I have just turned 70! It will run for hours centering galaxies in the 12 minute field even when tripod mounted.


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Day 93 Monday 23rd June 2014

My visitor returned today

Clearly he regards me as the intruder - he obviously has a tunnel into the house and comes and goes as he pleases - I think he likes me chasing him because he is good at not getting caught - I only managed it once!

No observing today but I had been looking through old Sky at Night videos on You Tube and came across the reference to the star Spica which is very prominent between Saturn and Mars at the moment. They referred to Spica being 12 thousand times brighter than our sun. Hard to believe but it is a long way away!

Here is the programme. I am afraid the tug of war section leaves me cold. Not a good idea. There are too many people in the " crew" approach to the Sky at Night -too many PhD's! Just get one good "anchor" like Patrick and stick to it! Maybe I am just getting old and it is what children want.

 Dismounting from my hobby horse and back to the point -  Spica is shown in its position on the HR diagram alongside other stars of different shapes and sizes- I really must get a list of these in my head so I can be outside on a clear night and point my green laser at stars corresponding to different parts of the HR diagram

This is where Spica is this week- courtesy of the SkyX - the Sierra Cabrera range on the horizon. Incidentally (believe it or not) the little blue "stars" on the chart are all supernovae discovered in 2014 so far - I have built these into the chart.